Merry Christmas and a happy home buying year

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Christmas and a new year is coming. Time to look a little bit back, but mostly forward

New rules for home buying in Norway from 2022

As you probably know new rules come into action from 1.1.22.  The buyer will be better informed on the state of the property and other factors that are important for the deal.

But there will also be more information to read and interpret and a danger of “information overflow” for the buyer.   And the duty of inspection has been tightened. Therefore, you must be aware of not missing important information before you give a bid. The bid is binding in Norway, remember.

I am ready to help you with going through all the sales material on a home you want to buy and ensure you that no questions are unanswered.  If you do not read Norwegian well, I think it is unresponsible to give bid on a property.

So just contact me if you need my help. It is not as expensive as you think, and essential for securing you investment.

Next year I will collaborate with a surveyor and expert in construction to help you to find out how you can renovate a property, change it a bit and what it will cost.  It is quite rare that the property is designed and renovated exactly the way you want it.  Because the bid is binding it is essential to know that you are able to do the changes you need BEFORE you give a bid.  So far, I have been able to help my customers in some extent, but with this collaboration the advice and help will be really professional and substantial.

Price development in 2022

The statistics for 2021 shows that the prices have increased with 6% in Norway.  In Oslo it has increased with 2,5%.  Oslo had a very big increase in 2020 and in 2021it has been a correction.  But still the prices in Oslo are on a very high level.

The experts forecast a moderate price development in 2022.  2,5 to 3%.  This is due to expected increase in mortgage interest.  Also the high energy prices will influence on people’s purchasing power.  It was a very active housing market in 2020, and some experts believe that many people will stay steady for a while, without further moving.

I also believe in a moderate price development.  This is a better situation when you want to buy.  Then the bidding rounds will be calmer and a bit more predictable.

2022 will be a good home buying year

I have finished a good year.  Many new customers.  To help people to secure the investment of their life gives me a lot of energy and joy.  Many English speakers have approached me for help with the home buying.  You are welcome to contact me for a digital meeting for discussing your possibilities on the Norwegian Housing Market and how I can help you.

I will celebrate Christmas in my winter cabin in the mountains.  With my children and grandchildren.  Very sad with restrictions this year also, but I am happy to have the family around.

Merry Christmas and happy new year

From Boligdama

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