The housing market in 2024, update from Boligdama

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When we soon bid farewell to 2023, we can reflect on a year of uncertainty in the housing market in Norway and a global situation that has kept the world on edge. But, as always, life goes on, and for some, that means planning to buy a home.

For those of you who have considered buying a home but put it on hold for a while, 2024 might be the year when the dream becomes a reality. It depends on how stable and predictable the situation feels for those in search of a home.

2023 has been marked by delays and fewer home purchases, primarily due to rising interest rates and uncertainty about home sales. The banks’ tighter lending policies and increased living costs have also made it a challenging time for many.

Even though it has been a buyer’s market with lower prices for a while, we have seen fewer buyers in the game. The fall has been quieter than usual, as I have also noticed as a home purchase advisor, with fewer inquiries.

When prices rise, and bidding rounds become intense, interest in securing the dream home increases. That’s understandable but also a bit paradoxical when we consider the opportunities that may arise when prices fall.

For those with tight finances, my advice is simple: “Hang in there” and avoid further financial exposure.

The peak in interest rates has been reached, but uncertainty and price declines are likely to continue into 2024. The inventory of unsold homes is decreasing, and fewer people are putting their homes up for sale. If this trend continues, the housing market could quickly turn again, with more competition for homes.

For those with flexibility, the first half of 2024 could be a time for good home purchases. The buyer’s market will still offer opportunities for good prices and a good selection of homes for sale.

Some experts predict that home prices may start to rise, especially in larger cities, early in 2024. I’m not so sure that will happen, but we have to keep an eye on it and see what unfolds. What is certain is that the housing market often changes rapidly, so if it takes off, there could be increased demand and higher prices again.

I have the tools and knowledge to help you save several hundred thousand in bid negotiations if you dare to take the plunge!

Precise general advice is challenging to give in these times. But if you’re wondering what’s wise for you, I’m available for non-binding digital meetings.

Wishing you a continued pleasant holiday season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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