With the help of Boligdama, it was super easy to buy an apartment in Norway.

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Despite the time difference and a bit of formalities, Trude took care of every step in the process, which made us feel very confident that things were done correctly and as expected. She was with us in all the video conversations with the broker and made sure that all things were cleared out and that all relevant information was given.

She answered all possible questions we had and did a solid check of the builder and what quality we could expect in the apartment. With her expertise and long experience, we received lots of good advice and fantastic follow-up. We could not have completed this process and bought an apartment in Norway without her help.

Thank you very much for this good feedback from Astrid and Arik that I have helped with purchasing a home in a super exciting project in Nydalen in Oslo.

This is how the home purchase became a reality

The couple, who live in the USA, wanted a base in Norway that they could stay in when they were visiting. And maybe settle down permanently, when they retire. Oslo and Norway were not chosen randomly, since Astri is from Norway and has family here. They also have a son who has settled in our country.

After some waiting time from the first contact with Boligdama to prepare financing and survey wishes for the new home, we started our joint house hunt, just before Christmas 2022.

With today’s technology, long-distance home buying is not a problem. Both digital meetings and Boligdama’s communication system were used extensively. The only thing that could be a little confusing was keeping in mind the time difference.

When house hunting in collaboration with Boligdama, both parties usually are eager to follow what comes out on the market. It is naturally difficult to stay away from finn.no, home buying platform in Norway, when you are in buying mode!

After checking a number of proposed homes during the month of January, which were not entirely to their liking, Astri and Arik themselves found a home in the Vertikalen project. It is a very special building that is under construction in central Nydalen, Oslo. Here there was a vacant home that suited their budget. Vertikalen is an innovative building with a strong focus on environment and sustainability.

Boligdama did research on the project, contacted the broker and advised them to go ahead with the home. Broker Jan Græsvig from DnB arranged a joint digital meeting with us where we could see a solar diagram, illustrations of the building and apartment , optional extras and answers to all questions. They decided to submit a purchase offer. Which the seller approved.  Thus, the home purchase agreement was concluded, at least almost.

There was a little bit of fuss afterwards, with formalities and things that had to be sent by post from the USA. But, with a little patience, it also worked out.

Bureaucracy and slow mail are trifles in the grand scheme of things.

The most important thing is that they have bought themselves an exciting home that they are very much looking forward to taking over in the autumn of 2023.

Congratulation !

Best regards
Boligdama – Trude Larsen
950 37 330 – trude@boligdama.no



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