Renting a home in Norway

If you relocate to Norway and are not in a position to buy  a home. Or you just prefer to rent instead.  I work primarly with home buyers, but if you find it useful, I can also help you to find a good object for rent.

But first I want to share some information about renting a home in Norway:

It is important that prospective renters have 3 months worth of lease payments available before starting a search. It is also recommended that you make a short rental CV which can be used to present to landlords – your name, contact details, occupation, why you are living in Norway and for how long, family information (if you have children or pets moving in with you, smoker, etc).

This article is useful.  It is quite accurate about how the rental real estate systems work here.

To be able to find a home to rent is the main key.

The landlords are mainly private people who have invested in one or two extra properties.  Some of them use rental brokers, some of them self-manage. So you have to be aware of that and get a professional contract, etc.¨, especially if the don’t use a rental broker.

The main rental brokers in Oslo are:

Krogsveen Utleie

It is possible to make direct contact with these agents to ask about properties, however they may not have time to search for properties for you. But you might be lucky that they have exactly the property you search for available. Generally realtors will put an ad on and let people applyo them through there.

In other words: normally you have to do the search yourself, by yourself.

 I  can help you find a property to rent.


 I offer the following services:

1. Help you map your requirements and monthly budget

2. Suggest good areas (suburbs) to live in that meet your needs and put up a search at

3. Send property links and suggestions to you regularly

4. Give contact details of the seller/agent, or if you prefer: talk to the landlord or rental broker
to introduce you, arrange viewings  etc.

Once you have decided to visit properties:

5. You will go to the viewing yourself (If you want me to view with you it will depend on my availability and I charge separately for this service)

6. If you like the house/apartment I can offer assistance negotiating with the landlord/rentalbroker.

7. Ensure you get a legal and proper leasing contract.

I offer my services by the hour – 1.100NOK – per hour. I estimate 6 – 10 hours of research and assistance (depending on your  housing needs – location, necessities and wants in a property.

I hope this was useful.  And please contact me if you have more questions or need help.

Best regards

T: 950 37 330

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