Why seek help to buy av home in Norway?

One of my customers, relocated from New Zealand, send me some words about her experience using my services. I will like to share them with you.  It is a good recommandation of course:)

But her story will also help you to understand the dynamics of the  housing market in Norway.

“I would like to recommend  the services of Trude Larsen – Boligdama. She is a specialist broker/agent for real estate in Oslo. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, knowledgeable and was very helpful when we were looking for a house to buy i Norge.

Filling the gap

Trude is a unicorn here. Norwegian real estate is dominated by the selling and NOT the buying of houses.She has worked the selling side of Norsk real estate for many years,knows how the system works, the local regions, and can help match you to a property and location.

Trude started her business, Boligdama 5 years back, because she saw the gap that exists with the buying of property here.  The regular real estate agent work mainly in favor of the seller.

Househunting in a new country is interesting and a little challenging (and can be daunting before you dive in). Therefore, it is wise to seek help in the process.

I was impressed by Trude’s work for us and will strongly recommend her if you are planning to buy a home in Norway.”

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You can also find some useful information  in english here.


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