Ein kleines Stück Norwegen, das uns gehört – Their little piece of Norway

In June 2016, I got an interesting and enthusiastic e-mail from Sven and his wife Martina, Austrian citizens very much in love with Norway.   He wondered if my home consulting firm were able to help him and his wife to purchase a holiday home in the north-west of Norway.

Preparations during summer holiday

Of course, we could help him, especially because I previous had been working in the beautiful area around Kristiansund in Møre and Romsdal county where they mostly wanted to find a house.

During my holiday this summer, I was accidently visiting the area and used the opportunity to look around for possibilities for the family.  Previous we had changed views on different properties announced on the national website for properties for sale – finn.no.

After the trip, I recommended among some others, one property at Averøya, for them. To be sure that they purchased the best house for them, I arranged a trip for Sven where he could look at eight properties in the area.


The famous Atlanterhavsveien – near Averøya 

Successful viewings

In the beginning of September, he travelled around for 3 days, looked at the properties, and talked with the different realtors.  Luckily the market on holiday homes are a bit easy on the west coast at the time being, so he experienced very good service from the loacal realtors and enough time to think before deciding to bid on a property.

When he came home, he discussed with his wife and they decided to give a bid on the property at Trovikneset, Averøya.  During the bidding, we succeeded to buy it for NOK 150.000 below asking price.

On the 19.th of September, they took over the house combined with autumn holiday.


Trovikneset overlooking the Atlantic

Sense and sensibility

It was a pleasure to help this brave and sensible family to fulfil their Norwegian dream.  They had the courage to buy at house in a different country and wise enough to engage a professional person to help them in the process.

They look forward to spend the holidays at their new holiday home together with their little daughter, their three dogs and friends and family.

Sven and Martina says this about the buying process and their little piece of Norway:

“A little piece of Norway that we own. This was the dream we realized now. Last but not least because of the great help from Trude, who was on our side step by step to reach this personal goal. Thanks to her professional help we were safe from the beginning: the search for the perfect property and within the whole buying process. In the critical phase – this typical norwegian bidding process – she gave us clear recommendations. Thank you, Trude.”

and in German – Deutsch:

“Ein kleines Stück Norwegen, das uns gehört. Dies war unser Traum, den wir nun verwirklicht haben. Nicht zuletzt dank der großen Hilfe von Trude, die uns Schritt für Schritt an dieses Ziel begleitet hat. Ihre professionelle Hilfe gab uns von Anfang an die Sicherheit, die wir bei der Suche nach der richtigen Immobilie und in dem gesamten Kaufprozess gebraucht haben. Im entscheidendem Moment – dem für Norwegen typischen Bieterverfahren – kamen von ihr klare Empfehlungen. Danke, Trude.”

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